Twenty years in Her Majesty’s army, as I enter the twilight of my career it is time to pass on the baton of my experience, hence this blog.

I have served at every level from platoon to corps in what has been a varied and immensely rewarding vocation.

The choice of title reflects both my personal roots in Scotland and my philosophical approach. David Hume, (1711-1776) was a Scottish philosopher, historian, economist, and essayist. Hume is noted for both his philosophical empiricism and scepticism. His most noted philosophical work is probably “A Treatise On Human Nature” published in 1739 (Books I and II) and 1740 (Book III).

My professional sphere has been that of war and warfare. One cannot understand the art of war without seeking to understand human nature, one cannot understand warfare without knowledge of it’s science and technology. I hope to cover both in the spirit of Hume and in doing so to stimulate informed debate.


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